Terms & Conditions


1/ We send you an email with detailed directions to the hostel and how to avoid the common scams within a few hours of receiving your booking. Please read this email carefully. Look at your spam folder in case you do not receive the email within 12 hours.

2/ 24-hour check-in permitted but the earliest checkin times are different for different locations so please do confirm from our website. If you are arriving very early, please make sure you book the previous night.  You are welcome to wait in our common room if you would like, but for 3-4 am arrivals, we recommend booking an extra night.

3/ Credit cards accepted with 2 % additional bank charge

4/ One day advance notice for free cancellation

5/ No children below the age of 18 are allowed to stay at the Hostel.

6/ Residents of the same city are not permitted to stay at the hostel. For e.g., residents of Jaipur will not be allowed to stay at Moustache Jaipur

7/ We need a valid passport and visa for foreign nationals and a valid Government Photo ID and Address proof for Indian nationals during check-in

8/ No drugs allowed on premises

9/ We have a strict advance payment policy at check-in

10/ We are a travellers’ hostel and do not encourage group stays and long stays. For bookings of more than 6 people or stays of more than 15 days, please email us first to get authorisation. Else, we reserve the right to terminate your booking without any refunds

11/ We are much better over email than phones. So email us with your questions before calling us 🙂

12/ Cross Hostel Discount Policy: We are offering a cross hostel discount between Moustache Hostels at different locations to our guests. We will be giving a 10% discount on the first night to guests who wish to go from one Moustache Hostel to another.

Conditions apply as follows

  • Show your invoice at the front desk of the hostel to avail the discount.
  • Offer is Valid for up to 6 months from the date of departure at the first hostel.
  • Offer is valid only for the same (or fewer) number of people as booked in the invoice
  • Offer is valid only for bookings made through our website www.moustachehostel.com or by directly walking-in. It is Not valid for bookings made through any other channels such as Hostel world or Booking.com